About us

After over 20 years of cake making and baking, these Brownies grasped popularity initially in SW France in 2004. 

Now the flavours and styles have progressed to the decadent gourmet treats that we exhibit in Food markets, Festivals and Events. 

 Brownies are only available in Devon & Cornwall however please check our calender to see if additional events are scheduled.

See Market Page to find where we are! 

Notes: Extreme Chocolate are makers of Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate desserts and Cakes. 

Food intolerances: Reasonable care is taken to not cross contaminate peanut butter or pistachio nut products, and Vegan, Gluten free and dairy free products are only produced at commencement of working day after everything is deep cleaned. We are not registered with any society that protects the welfare of those with food intolerance, allergies or medical conditions.There will be wheat, peanut & pistachio nuts, butter, cream, soya in the Bakery and items will be transported and displayed as a selection. We cannot be held responsible for purchasing or consuming an item unsuitable. If you have a question or concern please ask.