About us

Our Journey

We are a small family-run venture that took root 6 years ago amidst the bustling markets of Totnes, Devon. Born out of a love for the perfect brownie and community spirit, Extreme Chocolate has grown, one brownie at a time, into a beloved local brand. Our ethos is simple: create heavenly, indulgent brownies while staying true to our roots of local production and sustainable practices. From our family to yours, we bring the heart of Devon in every bite.

What makes us Awesome?

The Perfect Brownie...

At Extreme Chocolate, we believe a brownie should be nothing short of perfection: a soft, rich, and gooey heart enveloped in a delectably crunchy crust. With a rotating selection of 20 flavours, chosen from our awesome range of over 40 flavours, every bite encapsulates premium ingredients baked to perfection. Whether you crave a classic chocolate brownie or seek a more unique flavour, our brownies are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.


What Makes The Perfect Brownie...

The secret to our heavenly brownies lies in the quality of ingredients we use. Our eggs are free-range, ensuring a high standard of ethical sourcing. When it comes to chocolate, we settle for nothing less than 100% Belgian chocolate, renowned for its superior quality and rich taste. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen to ensure that with each bite, you're indulging in a brownie that's as wholesome as it is delicious.